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Greska's Carbon-60, 1 oz
Greska's Carbon-60, 1 oz

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Greska’s Carbon-60™, a Super Antioxidant, is clean, pure, and highly bio-available Carbon 60. Bob Greska developed a clean non-solvent method of producing pristine C60. It is the only Carbon 60 that is not produced with toxic solvents.

Excessive free radicals are a major contributor to cellular degeneration and aging. Free radicals are molecules in your body missing an electron. These electron-deficient molecules impair healthy bodily functions by stealing electrons from healthy cells. This cascading process of stealing electrons is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages and impedes optimal cell function. Greska’s Carbon-60™ provides electrons to these problematic molecules, stabilizing them.The exceptionally small size, spherical shape, AND purity of Greska’s Carbon 60 is the big scientific breakthrough.

Since the C60 size is so small, they are much more easily magnetically attracted by the small electron charges of free radicals and toxins. The great number of C60 "molecules" and their small size, make them a more bio-available Super Antioxidant. There are over 100 billion C60 molecules in the suggested serving of two-thirds milliliter. (1/8th teaspoon).

It is great for pets, too! Dose at one drop for every 3 pounds the pet weighs.

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