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Cytozyme-PT/HPT, 60 tabs by Biotics
Cytozyme-PT/HPT, 60 tabs by Biotics

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Supplies glandular specific support as Lamb Pituitary/Hypothalamus Complex Concentrate, combined with SOD and catalase, important antioxidant enzymes.

Your brain performs many essential tasks‚ but it’s only able to do so thanks to a bit of teamwork. The pituitary gland works with—and is located beneath—the hypothalamus in your brain in order to ensure that the right signals are being sent to the right chemical hormones at the right time. Your hypothalamus sends signals to your pituitary gland when it’s time for the latter to release certain hormones. These include the growth hormone‚ thyroid stimulating hormones‚ and follicle-stimulating hormones; the latter promote hair growth. These hormones help regulate a variety of processes that go on in your body.

Certain mental illnesses‚ chronic diseases‚ or medical conditions can lead to an interruption in the way your body works with your brain. If your doctor suspects that there is a disruption in signals from the hypothalamus to and from the pituitary gland‚ he or she may suggest taking a supplement to promote brain health. Biotics Research’s Cytozyme PT/HPT provides your brain with the proper nutrients to promote pituitary and hypothalamus health. This helps ensure that your hormones function correctly‚ so that those internal processes work correctly.

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